Miracle Fitness is a personal training service based in Pasadena, California. Offering One-on-One, Group Fitness, and Workshops, Miracle Fitness’ trainers are able to meet you where you are. We work with people who want to get healthy, lose weight and feel better. Using Functional Movement, we help you to improve mobility, increase strength,  and come up with a nutritional plan that will make you healthy while allowing you to eat real food that tastes good! Whether you want to lose fat, get stronger, or just look better, we can help.

Founded by Lisa Wolfe, we believe that our bodies can heal themselves at any age.  Lisa was 44 and recovering from a serious illness in 2006 when, tired of looking frumpy and feeling tired, she decided to embark on a fitness program to rebuild her body.

Lisa’s body now looks 20 years younger; always plagued by poor posture and overweight or even obese, she now enjoys incredible health and energy.  Lisa’s commitment to finding the best techniques for fat loss and body reshaping has been helping people in Southern California area for nearly five years; Miracle Fitness is now offering long-distance coaching via skype and phone.

Join the grateful clients who call Miracle Fitness their own personal miracle.

Call today at 626-375-5399 or email at LisaWolfe2011@gmail.com

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